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Energy Efficiency Product Installation

A little bit of context

The UK has some of the lowest energy rated properties in Europe. From high-rise flats, to rows of terraces to chocolate box thatched cottages and quirky 60’s architecture, homes are wasting energy, emitting a lot of CO2 and are costing more than they need to in heating bills.

The installation of energy efficiency products increases the efficiency of homes reducing carbon emissions and making them cheaper to heat.

A quick overview of the process

Not every product is suitable for every home and therefore a whole-house survey is completed by a fully certified Retrofit Assessor who can make recommendations around the suitability of the house for specific products. These options are presented to the homeowner who can decide how they would like to proceed.

A certified Retrofit Coordinator or Chartered Surveyor then reviews the assessment and presents a bespoke design which includes a ventilation strategy for the installation of the energy efficiency products.

Once the design has been produced and accepted by the customer, the Retrofit Coordinator passes the job onto the PAS2030:2019 certified installation company to complete the work. Once the work is completed, the customer will receive an Insurance Backed Guarantee, any applicable warranties and TrustMark registration. For heating products, the applicable regulatory documents are also provided.

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